Bloody Fingers- Love Them To Death...and Then Keep on Loving
That's My Spooning!

Well it's election night right now. Last I checked Bush was in the lead but I'm confident that Kerry is still going to win. Why you ask? Because like any other educated person I watched the game between Washington and Green Bay on Sunday. Washington lost meaning that Bush is going to lose to. So rather than go onto some long rant about the elections I'm going to move on.
Today's strip features the newest addition to Bloody Fingers KATS SECOND SHOULDER! Isn't it Beautiful? Oh...and Spooning...Spoonings finnaly here too. Yep.
Artist are still wanted for an interesting project. Check out this thread for more details.
That's all I have for you tonight, so keep in the voting mood and vote for Bloody Fingers, and if you're not too tired after that come hang out in the FORUM.


*updated* I think I may have been wrong about the elections here

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