Bloody Fingers- Love Them To Death...and Then Keep on Loving
When I Feel The Snake Bite Enter My Vein...

Two strips so far this week. One more and I'm a competent webcomic artist....temporarily. Anyways I think this strip turned out pretty damn good. I still find it funny and every thing. Kat's a bitch and I love her for it. Although like usual there are the drawing flaws. But Yeah... I'm only so good.
Anyways some news on future affairs of Bloody Fingers. After the upcoming hiatus is over with I've decided what I want to use as a vote incentive. The old writting gags I had originally used weren't cutting it. I'm going to be using the Bloody Fingers characters as they are now and countinue to do strips like this for the vote incentives. Just because I still have some ideas for these guys. Even though I'm really excited about the change I don't want to give up this strip entirly. When I start doing that the strips will get their own archives in the extras section...they will be updated very rarily though. Anyways... Vote ...and Sign up for the FORUM. Later



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