Bloody Fingers- Love Them To Death...and Then Keep on Loving
The Cast

Pick is the main character of Bloody Fingers. He is also probably the most disturbed character. Pick is a serial killer slash necrophilia. The only one in the funeral home that he does hate is Smiles although that wont stop him from killing Smiles if he felt like it. So he is always looking for ways to get rid of Kat. Pick works like Jason Vorhees in that he is very hard to kill

Kat is a very strong willed woman. She does whatever it is she feels like doing. Which is actually the reason why she invited herself into the funeral home. Did I mention that she’s also a witch? Her powers are the only thing that can defend herself against Picks constant attacks. She brought Spooning to life herself, and gets along fine with Smiles.

Smiles is Picks one and only friend. He also gives some reason to people fear of clowns because he in fact is a killer clown.

Spooning is one of Kats dolls brought to life. He hates Pick and has no objection to inflicting as much damage to him as possible.