Bloody Fingers- Love Them To Death...and Then Keep on Loving
You Ever Get Those Boogers That Hurt?

Yeah...this was one of those strips that were hilarious in my head and not so funny on paper. Stupid head with its stupid sense of humor. Also that last panel is just ugly. Both of them look like crap. Oh well.

Well I was hoping to suprise the one of you by having a nice new PhpBB forum up but it turns out I'm not smart enough to do that. Or comicgenesis doesn't have the stuff to support it. Sorry about getting all technical with the "stuff" thing. Anyways I know a site that will make me a forum thats better than the current one I have right now but its still not exactly what I wanted. I hope to eventually have a fully customizable forum with several diffrent sections like the ones on Least I Could Do and Questionable Content but thats not gonna happen for awhile. Baby steps. So I'm gonna go get this new forum soon and will hopefully have it sometime this month. The new forum will feature Moderatos, Avatars, and slightly more slick look. Anybody that knows anything about PhpBB please give me a hand. Thanks

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