Bloody Fingers- Love Them To Death...and Then Keep on Loving
She Sounds Like Quite a Lady

Here it is the first storyline of the new run of Bloody Fingers. About damn time right? What do you all think of the new look of Smiles? From my perspective it’s a damn huge improvement over the previous look…where his head was basically shaped like a potato. I have been told that his nose looks somewhat like a penis… if you’re one of these people let me go a little Freudian on you, “You’re seeing penis because you want to see penis.” I’m sorry but if you wanted to see boobs you could of just as easily seen his nose as tits…so it must be your problem :p

The forum has just had a members only section put in. Anyone that is not a registered guest cannot see it. That’s where I figured would be a good place to put early comics, or early concept designs for Vigilante. Sign up and check it out.

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