Bloody Fingers- Love Them To Death...and Then Keep on Loving
Sometimes It's What You Don't Do That Matters

One more strip left before the big hiatus. Even though this is actually the last one that I've drawn. I actually made the one that I'm putting up next update in the middle of the pimping dead chicks storyline. I didn't want to interupt the flow of the storyline though so now it'll be showing up next update. Next update will most likly not take place tommarow being that it is Christmas Day tommarow, but you can expect it on the 26th.
A World of Pain has been added back to the links section. The problems that got it kicked off initially are done with. So go over there and enjoy some dark writing.
On a completly offtopic subject, did any of you see that Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys, movie on Sci Fi? I was greatly disappointed by how that movie turned out. It had such potential for good cheese. Some examples that I would recommend for some actually good cheese would be Killer Clowns From Outer Space, Jack Frost (the evil one), and of course the best cheese film of all time Army Of Darkness.

*updated* Yeah...that "as" was supposed to be an "is"..and the best cheese film of all time is either Evil Dead 2 or Terror Firmer...Army of Darkness is overated...I don't know what I was thinking

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