Bloody Fingers- Love Them To Death...and Then Keep on Loving
Heads Be Rolling

Another update to Bloody bout that? Is it a vote good update or a FORUM good update. I'll let YOU decide.
Next week, December 7th I will be turning 18. Yes I will finnaly truely be a man. It's that special time in every boys life where their baby penis falls off and thier big penis comes in. Magical...
I'm alittle nervous about finnaly being a man and no longer a boy. I am definatly not looking forward to going through SNM every month. Jeez...every time I get angry people are automatically going to think that its my time of the month. What you gonna do though? Its life. Talk to you all later, probably next week, and we'll talk about some adult issues,

*updated* I'd just like to say that this is definatly my favorite NewsSpot. By the way...the current age is 19

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