Bloody Fingers- Love Them To Death...and Then Keep on Loving
Now That's an Introduction!

This is the way and introductory comic strip should go! I'm not saying this exact way but in an original (at least I think original) way. There are too many strips out there that have introudutions that go "I'm bored...lets start a webcomic". It never was clever so why do people keep ripping it off! At least if you're going to rip something off rip off a good idea. There is only one strip I know that can poll off the whole self aware of its webcomic thing and thats CheckerBoard Nightmare. Leave it to him and come up with your on ideas. If you need any help on that I have a few that I'm gonna put up on my blog after this. Just so you know I'm not saying that I came up with a great strip here. But I did put some effort into it.

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