Bloody Fingers- Love Them To Death...and Then Keep on Loving
Guy's Shouldn't Wear Jewelery Anyways

Hey hows it going? Great. I actually have nothing negative to say about this strip here. I think it looks pretty good. The guys hairstyle came about because I had just bought BubbaHotep and it played into my drawings alittle bit. Kick ass movie by the way. Elivs vs a Mummy, is there anyhting more genius than that. there isn't.
There's a new FORUM for anybody that's interested. It looks a hell of a lot better than the last one. So go sign up and chat it up. Any topic is cool it doesn't have to be related to the comic strip....although if it is I definatly wont complain. Later

*updated* The Forum mentined on here doesn't actually exist anymore...if you want to check out the current forum click here



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